Healthcare industry is one of the early adopters of technology in the market. Concepts like telemedicine, web-based analysis or use of smart devices have been very common to healthcare industry. The medical fraternity, be it medical practitioners, medicine manufacturers or equipment suppliers, across the globe are adopting latest trends to make it convenient and reachable to every individual.

Now, considering this scenario, it is also evident for the industry to spread out its wings into marketing domain also. Over the years, the healthcare industry is associated with traditional marketing routes, such as TV, print, radio and events. However, the whole process was monotonous or monologue. The consistent doctor-patient communication and overall awareness towards the industry was missing.

With digital marketing healthcare industry is poised to focus more on direct communication between end-user and industry experts. With channels like Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, there is an opportunity to initiate stable and concurrent communication between the end-users and the industry experts. So be it patient-doctor or buyer-supplier, digital marketing is all geared up to add value to existing digitization within the industry.

Especially, social media and content marketing are two important concepts that healthcare industry should consider. Having a responsive website or streamlined SEO strategy can help healthcare industry to boost its online presence, but social media can help stabilize much-needed communication between the industry and end-users.

How social media can add value to health care industry?

Facebook: With live streaming capabilities like Facebook Live and Instagram, industry experts now have better and real-time opportunity to grab people’s attention. For example, doctors can use such live streaming capabilities for Q&A session or broadcasting medical procedure. These videos can serve both educational purpose and enabling real-time interactions with patients.

Besides, Facebook Messenger is an ideal way to connect with your audience. Through this messaging platform, industry experts can initiate stable and healthy conversation with the audience.

Twitter: Twitter Chats are the perfect way to initiate a community dialogue around a dedicated topic. Many industries and organizations are using Twitter Chats to – answer customer queries, announce updates or launches, discuss industry trends, understand current market scenario, understand customer expectations and etc.

LinkedIn: One great platform for knowledge sharing and business networking, LinkedIn offer numerous engagement opportunities for healthcare industry. In terms of Pulse articles, groups, and SlideShare industry experts can enable better conversation with the audience.

Some stats from PWC state:

• 42% of individuals viewing health information on social media look at health-related consumer reviews.
• 29% of patients viewing health information through social media are viewing other patients’ experiences with their disease.
• Of all the individuals viewing healthcare information on social media, 24% are viewing health-related videos/images posted by patients.

How content marketing can add value to health care industry?

In order to get successful in today’s developing healthcare industry, companies need to come up new content on regular basis. This not only helps them educate their audience, but also enables them to generate leads to increase their business.

From regular blog updates to ebooks and webinars to podcasts, new content helps businesses with increased brand visibility and brand loyalty. For example, blogs and ebooks can be used from the education purpose, while webinars and even social media can be used for lead generation. Be it for any event or product launch, the newly-created content keeps the audience engaged and attracted towards the brand.

The newly-created content can also help boost search rankings and drive new traffic to the website. Sometimes, stable and consistent online activity helps build off-line momentum. In a way, the value that is generated through new content can lead to hospital visit, insurance purchase or purchase of any medical equipment.

Remember, content is an ideal way to grab people’s attention and keep them aligned with the brand. According to one of the findings from DemandMetric, “Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many lead.” What this outcome signifies that people like to get associated with the brands that produce quality content regularly.


With regular technology adoption, healthcare industry has always remained in the front seat. Digital marketing route extends an additional platform to their digitization to the next level. It will be more towards streamlining customer engagement and customer conversation. The benefits digital marketing brings to the table are:

1. Stable customer conversation
2. Enhanced brand visibility
3. Increased leads
4. Opportunity to showcase domain expertise
5. Authenticity

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