Content Marketing and Educational Institutes in 2018

Content is one of the key elements of marketing, enabling better user reach and brand building. Irrespective of the vertical, target audience and geography, content paves the way for stable customer engagement. When it comes to education, content marketing becomes more evident and crucial. In today’s digital world, having online presence is key to every educational institution. This online presence comes in form of website, blog, social media, emailer and presentations. Being digital does not only validates success, as it needs to be supported by constant content efforts. And here comes the role of content marketing.

Being Digital:

For educational institutes, content marketing will help better brand building and knowledge source. Be it blog, social media posts, infographics, educational institutes can make use of these resources to educate their target audience, highlight USPs and gain competitive advantage. Moreover, it is now known fact that users want to get closer to the brand, which focuses more on educating its audience and drive authenticity through its constant content efforts.

The Audience:

According to the stats, the number of social media users is expected to reach to 258 million by 2019, with Facebook being the most popular. Facebook has the largest audience in India compared to any other country.

These stats showcase the growing momentum around social media and most importantly, its usage among youth. To tap such huge audience, educational institute needs to create ways to attract, communicate and convert. And content marketing is the best way to do it.

The Strategy:

1. Maintain strong and visible presence on social media channels
2. Invest in content marketing efforts, blogging, email marketing
3. Focus more on educating audience
4. Follow content consistency
5. Make use of available content in different formats
6. Create and optimize content repurposing sources
7. Create content for every stage of acquisition


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