Hashtags on Facebook: Some Useful Tips

In social media, Hashtags (#) are one of the key elements to create buzz around any topic, person or event. When it comes to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Hashtags have different role to play. It is advisable to not to have similar Hashtag strategy on both the platforms. We will be covering Twitter strategy in separate article. This post highlights the way in which businesses should use Hashtag.

On several occasions, during marketing efforts, quantity overpowers quality and that’s the main reason why many businesses prefer too many hashtags into their Facebook Page content. There is no thought process involved, no strategy planned and no content benchmark set. It is like adding hashtags for the sake of adding and with no value attached to it.

Here are some common mistakes that businesses make.

• Too much use of hashtags
• There is no conversation objective
• There is no content value
• No specific hashtags
• Creation of meaningless hashtags

Will it have any negative impact on my business or social presence?

This would be a very common question that businesses may ask. In my personal opinion, the answer to this question is yes. The impact of this can be measured into:

• Lack of customer engagement opportunities
• Limited content reach
• Less readability
• Lack of targeted visibility
• Irrelevant conversations

The purpose of social media is to initiate stable customer engagement and generate conversation opportunities. Creating specific and meaningful content is the key to achieve this objective. However, sometimes, businesses focus only on content and not on the precision and usability.

What’s the right number?
According to the experts, use of 1-2 precise hashtags generate more conversations, and as you increase the number there is a fall in conversations. Remember, people have very short span of attention and to utilize that you need to be very specific and precise. So, use hashtags smartly and precisely.


Content is the key to your social media presence. Use of right hashtags will help you increase user engagement, brand value and customer attention. Make sure you use relevant hashtags on Facebook to drive dedicated conversations around it.

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