User-generated Content: Adding Value to your Brand

User-generated content helps brands create authentic brand loyalty.

Content has a vital role to play in shaping customer’s perceptions towards brands. With unlimited access to information 24/7, customers are in complete control on how they see, consume or react to the information they come across.

Nowadays, brands are generating content into different formats, social media, mailers, brochures, website, blogs, infographs, etc. There is so much information to consume and to react. However, what makes a brand more trustworthy and successful is content generated by the users. User-generated content (UGC) can come as a reaction to the brand’s message or can be proactive. 

UGC is very important from the perspective of brand’s success in generating brand loyalty, enhance sales and most importantly, customer connect. In today’s world, it is important for marketers to be in front of the customers always to maintain constant interaction with them and UGC is one such good example for this.

It is very important for marketers to have consistent efforts to generate UGC. For this, their content efforts can play a vital role. It is advisable to create content that meet customers’ requirements or add value to them, such as information blogs, FAQs, how-to-videos, and etc. It’s high time for marketers to get into the shoe of educator and educate their audience on brand rather focus on selling the brand.

User-generated Content: Tips

As said earlier, UGC can come as a reaction or a proactive effort. So how markers can encourage customers for UGC.

Reviews: Reviews is one of the ideal examples of UGC. When a customer share or talk about his/her brand experience on social media, in a blog or through email, it becomes a genuine piece of UGC. Now, to encourage more customers to follow this path, brands can reward customers for sharing their views.

Contests: Contests are the coolest way to generate user content. In form of surveys or poll, marketers can test their brand knowledge and make the whole process exciting by adding rewards to it.

Testimonials: We’re living in the age of referral marketing. Nowadays, potential buyers tend to spend majority of their time in searching for product information, reviews, and testimonials before making any buying decision. Customer testimonials are the best way through which marketers can use UGC to make use of referral marketing.

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