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Yes, today we are into the age of digital. AI, machine learning, big data, analytics, chatbots and many more and the list is expanding. The primary objective of them all is to understand user intent and customer emotions. The digital transformation has changed the way we do our business, communicate with our customers, and manage our business processes. 

Wouldn't be exciting to see how content transformation will change the business paradigm? Most of the businesses, especially B2B, have always neglected the content variations for different reasons of lengthy sales cycles, niche market and most importantly, traditional marketing approach. 

It would be very interesting to see how content transformation can complement to the digital transformation. We cannot have data without the content and content without the data. They are so interrelated with each other.

With a constant focus on the digital transformation, it is important to implement content transformation within our content ecosystem. This content transformation will take the significance of the digital transformation to the next level with a focus on customer engagement and customer experience. 

Content marketing is the ideal medium through which content transformation can come into a reality. Through different exercises, creative strategies, and consistency, businesses can achieve content transformation. 

Content marketing is a need of the hour. Finally, even if we are dealing with the B2B customer, we are dealing with humans. We're not dealing with machines or robots. Hence, human emotions will always prevail in every stage of the marketing effort. The only need is to present them with the right content strategy. And this is where content marketing comes into play. 

If we look at the different components of content transformation, then they are:

1. Content approach

2. Content strategy

3. Content positioning

4. Content packaging

These critical components of content transformation can drive stable brand influence and brand loyalty. While the digital transformation focusses on internal efficiencies, content transformation makes the brand more customer-centric. 

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How much time have you invested in designing your content strategy? What factors have you considered to design your content strategy? What made you design and implement your current strategy? While designing the content strategy, have you answered all these questions correctly? In most of the cases, businesses fail to find the right answers. And there are a lot of reasons for it, such as lack of content expertise, less attention towards content strategy, hasty decisions and many more. 

Content can create magic if used with logic. If you make content a core ingredient of your marketing preparation, you will have a wonderful recipe. If all the content pieces - internal and external - are chained together properly, you will have a stable and consistent brand approach. 

Today, most of the businesses don't have the patience to invest in content. Their main objective is to drive lead generation. No doubt, lead generation is important but it cannot be done at the expense of content. Because leads generated will not yield desired results, as you don't have consistent content efforts to convert that lead into the business.

Content is the core of Reeixit Media, and we have come up with an innovative concept of content counselling. The content counselling will help brands drive stable and target specific content efforts. It will also help them to find a loophole in their existing content efforts. 

In an introductory phase, there will be no charge for our content counselling efforts. If you wish to know more, please write to us at kapil@reeixitmedia, or you may also fill up the form on our website. 

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The year 2018 saw a lot of buzzes talked and created around digital transformation. The digital transformation not only helped brands drive process efficiency but stable customer engagement. The digital transformation is more process-oriented with a complete focus on adopting new processes or revitalising old concepts. The verticals like BFSI, healthcare and e-commerce led the transformation with innovative concepts. The emergence of AI, machine learning and chatbots emerged as a preferred technology adoption. 

Although the digital transformation focused on customer engagement and process efficiency, the need is to take the adoption to the next level with the content transformation. The content transformation primarily talks about how the brands need to change or revitalise their content strategy with a complete focus on customer engagement, branding, competitive advantage and brand building. 

The important aspects of content transformation are:

1. Customers

2. Employees

3. Brand Statement

4. Brand Vision

5. Competition

Every aspect of content transformation interrelated to each other to form a complete chain of content transformation. The content transformation strives to build a strong brand presence while maintaining the synergy between different business aspects.



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Content is the biggest asset for B2B marketing. Recently, I visited a B2B brand to understand their marketing requirement. Although the brand has its presence on LinkedIn, it lacked the content consistency and clear content strategy. During the conversation, I came to know about the brand's sales cycle and understood that most of its business come through the readymade RFPs. And, hence, the brand was not keen about content investment. 

Such situations are so common in B2B marketing and need deal with niche marketing and content strategy. For such brands, content investment is the biggest differentiator. These brands have to understand that precise content strategy, marketing and investment will not only result in lead generation but also in customer engagement. 

A definite content strategy helps in both pre and post-sales marketing efforts. The lead generation is one part of the marketing efforts and brands have to go beyond that. When it comes to B2B marketing, the content can help in different ways, such as

1. Brand Building

2. Competitive Advantage

3. Thought Leadership

4. Knowledge Sharing

5. Customer Engagement

6. Online Visibility

7. Customer Loyalty

8. Improved Exposure

Content is the essence of B2B marketing and needs to be deal with utmost care and importance. Content helps brand establish thought leadership in the market which translates in marketing advantage. This advantage translates into short-term sales cycle and long-term customer engagement process.

By using different content format, brands can maintain synergy between customers and their requirements. The content strategy helps the brand stay innovative to respond to customers' concerns. 

The content consistency makes brand responsive and responsible towards customers. This responsiveness is crucial when it comes to competition. The customers will like to connect with the brand which is responsive and takes a proactive approach in solution provision. 

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The year 2018 saw a lot of buzz around technology, digital transformation in particular. Globally, the brands are contemplating ideas that can streamline their overall digital adoption. The focus has been on both internal and external aspects of the business to understand the pros and cons of digital adoption. Some of the sectors like finance and retail are becoming more aggressive towards digital adoption. 

As we are now moving closer to 2019, the need is to adopt one more transformation process, and that is Content Transformation. The content transformation should become the primary strategy for every business starting in 2019. Be it internal or external, the synergy between digital and content transformation will prove influential for the overall success of the business. 

If we look at the digital transformation, the adoption has been more at the operational level. The brands are adopting digital technologies to streamline their internal processes, sales funnels and CRM. 

The chatbots, the AI or machine learning have become an essential part of the overall business strategy. Now, the key is to combine content along with these key technological aspects. Today, the more focus has been on data, analytics and business insights. Businesses are investing heavily in the technologies that can bring them useful insights into customer behaviour. 

The businesses, moving ahead, should have a formulate strategy that can combine data and content. 

How Can Content Help?

Content Strategy:  Today, most of the brands lack definite content strategy, the primary reason being the lack of resources and capabilities. Moreover, brands are hesitant to invest in content efforts. However, they need to understand that digital adoption is the only half battle won. They need to invest in content if they have to optimise their overall marketing efforts. The concentrated content strategy, focused on customers, will help marketers put more efforts towards brand building.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is an essential element to drive two-way communication between brands and customers. Today's marketing is not about brands it's about customers. Content marketing is an ideal way to reach out to your audience and build on customer conversations. These conversations help brands earn customers' trust, loyalty and business. Content marketing makes your brand customer-centric. 

Content Distribution: Another challenge the businesses face today is the content distribution. The right content distribution will help brands in customer reach, competitive advantage and business growth. The right distribution channels will not only help brands save time but maximise their customer acquisition opportunities. 

In 2019, the brands will have to have a definite and comprehensive content strategy to create a stable brand. The year 2019 will be of content transformation that will decide the course of brands' success via content route.

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Reeixit Media is a digital marketing company with core expertise in social media and content marketing.

Reeixit Media is a digital marketing company with a focus on social media and content marketing.


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