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B2B and Social Media

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Social media has brought a significant shift from a conventional (broadcast) media, opening multiple customer

conversation opportunities. B2B players have always glued to the traditional marketing channels for customer acquisition. However, slowly and steadily, the players are moving towards social media as their preferred marketing channel. 

Through social media, B2B players are meeting their multiple objectives. From building thought leadership to strengthening customer relationships, social media is driving significant change in the marketing approach of B2B players. 

Compared to traditional marketing channels, social media gives more opportunities to the B2B players for branding, customer interactions and thought leadership. 

Branding and customer experience is essential from the business growth. This experience answers some of the pressing questions for the customers while choosing any brand. Social interactions can answer inquiries related to trust, authenticity, flexibility or brand capabilities. And B2B players are often best-placed to take advantage of these interactions. 

For B2B players, social media is a great place to take potential customers to their website. LinkedIn is a relevant B2B social platform that has an immense potential towards lead generation and customer acquisition. 

Nowadays, before reaching out to any company, the first thing any potential customers do is the website review of the company. And what encourages them for the website review is the social interactions. The platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have become key players in driving the website traffic for B2B players. 

In comparison to the B2C players, social media for B2B players requires a different approach altogether. The significant difference in the B2B segment is the conversation depth and length. Unlike B2C segment, the B2B buying cycles are lengthy. The social media offers B2B players diverse opportunities for deeper customer interactions.

Here are some useful social media tips for B2B.

  • Have clear and pre-defined social media strategy.
  • Monitor social conversation carefully around brand and market competition
  • Create customer conversation opportunities for need understanding
  • Have clearly defined social KPIs
  • Choose the right social platform as per the business need

Social media is all about conversations, consistency and stability. The deeper are the conversations better are the business results. 








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Reeixit Media is a digital marketing company with a focus on social media and content marketing.


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