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Significance of Content Repurposing

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The content repurposing does not only talk about the usage of available content but also on increasing the reach and audience base of the marketers. With content repurposing, marketers can stretch a single piece of information into different formats. It is an opportunity to amplify your content into different channels, such as social media, blogging, SEO & videos.

Why there is a need to repurpose your content?

Today, marketers have to deal with a huge amount of data, be it internal or external. Sadly, the majority of the content goes unused and never reach out to the audience. This leads to a lot of time and wastage of efforts for marketers. The below points highlight the need for content repurposing.

1. Lack of content strategy (Majority of the content go unused)

2. Too many goals to accomplish

3. Lack of content strategy leads to content abandonment

4. Too many content landfills

5. Too many channels to handle

6. The same size does not fit all


The benefits:

Now, let's talk about the benefits of content repurposing. For the marketers, it will not only help them to do away with the content dump but also help them yield bigger and better business benefits.

1. Reach new target audience

2. Content diversification

3. Maximize time and effort

4. Boost online visibility

5. SEO enhancement

6. Target multiple goals

7. Maximizes reach


The strategy:

Content plan: A documented content strategy to identify different channels and content types.

Identify evergreen content: The evergreen content basically talks about specific problems and their solutions with less focus on features and benefits. 

Multiple channels: Distribute content across the channels to make it searchable by a large number of audience.

Create new content: To make use of old content to churn out some new content.

Content audit: The content audit identifies your current content positioning, what theme it covers, and how well it can be performed.

Content customization: Customize content based on the need of the channels and target audience.

Content pillars: To convert bigger content assets into smaller chunks for consistent use.

Cross-promotion: Distribute and promote your content into different formats and options. For example, promote your video link through blog posts, have an e-book download link into your infographics.


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Reeixit Media is a digital marketing company with a focus on social media and content marketing.


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