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Content Transformation and 2019

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The year 2018 saw a lot of buzz around technology, digital transformation in particular. Globally, the brands are contemplating ideas that can streamline their overall digital adoption. The focus has been on both internal and external aspects of the business to understand the pros and cons of digital adoption. Some of the sectors like finance and retail are becoming more aggressive towards digital adoption. 

As we are now moving closer to 2019, the need is to adopt one more transformation process, and that is Content Transformation. The content transformation should become the primary strategy for every business starting in 2019. Be it internal or external, the synergy between digital and content transformation will prove influential for the overall success of the business. 

If we look at the digital transformation, the adoption has been more at the operational level. The brands are adopting digital technologies to streamline their internal processes, sales funnels and CRM. 

The chatbots, the AI or machine learning have become an essential part of the overall business strategy. Now, the key is to combine content along with these key technological aspects. Today, the more focus has been on data, analytics and business insights. Businesses are investing heavily in the technologies that can bring them useful insights into customer behaviour. 

The businesses, moving ahead, should have a formulate strategy that can combine data and content. 

How Can Content Help?

Content Strategy:  Today, most of the brands lack definite content strategy, the primary reason being the lack of resources and capabilities. Moreover, brands are hesitant to invest in content efforts. However, they need to understand that digital adoption is the only half battle won. They need to invest in content if they have to optimise their overall marketing efforts. The concentrated content strategy, focused on customers, will help marketers put more efforts towards brand building.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is an essential element to drive two-way communication between brands and customers. Today's marketing is not about brands it's about customers. Content marketing is an ideal way to reach out to your audience and build on customer conversations. These conversations help brands earn customers' trust, loyalty and business. Content marketing makes your brand customer-centric. 

Content Distribution: Another challenge the businesses face today is the content distribution. The right content distribution will help brands in customer reach, competitive advantage and business growth. The right distribution channels will not only help brands save time but maximise their customer acquisition opportunities. 

In 2019, the brands will have to have a definite and comprehensive content strategy to create a stable brand. The year 2019 will be of content transformation that will decide the course of brands' success via content route.

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Reeixit Media is a digital marketing company with core expertise in social media and content marketing.

Reeixit Media is a digital marketing company with a focus on social media and content marketing.


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