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We're living in the age of big data, analytics and advanced BI ecosystem. Today, businesses are more concerned with measuring their marketing efforts to attain an improved return on investment (ROI). However, today, business intelligence (BI) has not just limited to numbers or data, it has gone to the advanced level of customer mapping. With the help of concepts like AI, marketers are in better control of the efforts that they were ever before.  Through multiple digital platforms, marketers are analysing the customer behaviour in every possible way. 

The Human Touch:

Although marketers are now adopting the concepts like chatbots to fasten their support channels, the need for human intervention will always be there. We need human assistance to understand, read and analyse what customers exactly need. How your audience is interacting with our social content (likes, shares or comments) need to be examined by humans.  The data collected through social analytics tools need to be segregated, categorised and analysed to create different buyer persons and this can only be done through human intervention. 

The Strategy:

The most important part of the social analytics (rather any data) is to put them into segmented buckets. The same size does not fit all. The marketers need to have a personalized approach to convert their audience into customers. 

The deep understanding of the company's products is another important part of the social strategy. The success of social intelligence significantly depends on the social listening capacity. If the marketers have the stable social listening strategy, their social analytics will help them build a convincing buyer persona. 

The Social Content:

Once the strong buyer persona is formed, the following task is to generate personalized social content. The collected data will not drive any result unless and until it is backed by a strong content strategy. 

The essence of business intelligence in social media is drive through social analytics, which helps marketers understand, design and nurture different buyer persona. These buyer personas are later backed by personalized content to help marketers acquire customers. 



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Reeixit Media is a digital marketing company with core expertise in social media and content marketing.

Reeixit Media is a digital marketing company with a focus on social media and content marketing.


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