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Content is the biggest asset for B2B marketing. Recently, I visited a B2B brand to understand their marketing requirement. Although the brand has its presence on LinkedIn, it lacked the content consistency and clear content strategy. During the conversation, I came to know about the brand's sales cycle and understood that most of its business come through the readymade RFPs. And, hence, the brand was not keen about content investment. 

Such situations are so common in B2B marketing and need deal with niche marketing and content strategy. For such brands, content investment is the biggest differentiator. These brands have to understand that precise content strategy, marketing and investment will not only result in lead generation but also in customer engagement. 

A definite content strategy helps in both pre and post-sales marketing efforts. The lead generation is one part of the marketing efforts and brands have to go beyond that. When it comes to B2B marketing, the content can help in different ways, such as

1. Brand Building

2. Competitive Advantage

3. Thought Leadership

4. Knowledge Sharing

5. Customer Engagement

6. Online Visibility

7. Customer Loyalty

8. Improved Exposure

Content is the essence of B2B marketing and needs to be deal with utmost care and importance. Content helps brand establish thought leadership in the market which translates in marketing advantage. This advantage translates into short-term sales cycle and long-term customer engagement process.

By using different content format, brands can maintain synergy between customers and their requirements. The content strategy helps the brand stay innovative to respond to customers' concerns. 

The content consistency makes brand responsive and responsible towards customers. This responsiveness is crucial when it comes to competition. The customers will like to connect with the brand which is responsive and takes a proactive approach in solution provision. 

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The year 2018 saw a lot of buzz around technology, digital transformation in particular. Globally, the brands are contemplating ideas that can streamline their overall digital adoption. The focus has been on both internal and external aspects of the business to understand the pros and cons of digital adoption. Some of the sectors like finance and retail are becoming more aggressive towards digital adoption. 

As we are now moving closer to 2019, the need is to adopt one more transformation process, and that is Content Transformation. The content transformation should become the primary strategy for every business starting in 2019. Be it internal or external, the synergy between digital and content transformation will prove influential for the overall success of the business. 

If we look at the digital transformation, the adoption has been more at the operational level. The brands are adopting digital technologies to streamline their internal processes, sales funnels and CRM. 

The chatbots, the AI or machine learning have become an essential part of the overall business strategy. Now, the key is to combine content along with these key technological aspects. Today, the more focus has been on data, analytics and business insights. Businesses are investing heavily in the technologies that can bring them useful insights into customer behaviour. 

The businesses, moving ahead, should have a formulate strategy that can combine data and content. 

How Can Content Help?

Content Strategy:  Today, most of the brands lack definite content strategy, the primary reason being the lack of resources and capabilities. Moreover, brands are hesitant to invest in content efforts. However, they need to understand that digital adoption is the only half battle won. They need to invest in content if they have to optimise their overall marketing efforts. The concentrated content strategy, focused on customers, will help marketers put more efforts towards brand building.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is an essential element to drive two-way communication between brands and customers. Today's marketing is not about brands it's about customers. Content marketing is an ideal way to reach out to your audience and build on customer conversations. These conversations help brands earn customers' trust, loyalty and business. Content marketing makes your brand customer-centric. 

Content Distribution: Another challenge the businesses face today is the content distribution. The right content distribution will help brands in customer reach, competitive advantage and business growth. The right distribution channels will not only help brands save time but maximise their customer acquisition opportunities. 

In 2019, the brands will have to have a definite and comprehensive content strategy to create a stable brand. The year 2019 will be of content transformation that will decide the course of brands' success via content route.

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No doubt, there is a too much of buzz going around content marketing today. Everyone is talking about what to do and what not to do. Everyone has their own views, objectives and references for content marketing. All said and done, do we really have the best approach to content marketing?

Websites, social media platforms, newsletters, podcasts, webcasts, etc. there is too much content. But how can we really leverage these platforms and sync them all to get the best approach?

Although no approach can be suitable for every situation, however, there has to be a common starting point for everyone, be it a small marketer or a big marketer. Actually, when it comes to quality, the difference between small and big does not matter, what matters is the content.

Usually, consistency is the most common problem that content marketing efforts have to deal with. Generating unique content for too many platforms becomes difficult and thus, marketers tend to get lazy with their content marketing efforts.

Now, talking about the best approach, as I said earlier one size does not fit all. Hence, marketers need to find that missing link which can bridge the gap between them and the target audience. The idea is to engage the audience with the targeted content.

To start with, it is always good to think from the users’ perspective. By stepping into their shoe, marketers will definitely have some pain points highlighted. Here, content marketing can be an effective medium to answer the queries of the users, then giving them insights. The ideal marketing always delivers what users want, and not what a brand wants.  


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As a business, did you ever think that content can save you real money? We have been talking about the content advantage for SEO, blogging or social media. However, if used correctly, content can help save a lot of money spent on the customer service. Be it your website, social media or mobile apps content can play a significant role in answering customer queries. 

In an ideal situation, customers contact customer service when they face any issue or unable to find a solution to their problem. A customer can approach your business through social media, chat, email or website form. And a customer has to repeat this process in a bid to find a solution to his/her problem. 

As we are living in the digital world, a business now has access to a lot of customer data through the website, social analytics or chat management. Now, the need is to identify and segment the problems faced by the customers. 

How can Content Help?

Businesses usually underestimate the significance of content creation and fail to relate content directly to the monetary advantage.  Your customer data becomes a powerful inventory for your business. This inventory helps to design and execute your content strategy. The process begins with the identification of common questions asked by your customers. 

As a business owner, it's time to highlight these questions through your content. By providing solutions to your customers' problems through your content, help you save time and money by cutting down the customer queries that require human intervention. 

Traditionally, we all are aware of the significance of five Ws and one H. Now the need is to make them a part of your content strategy. 

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why, and 
  • How

If your content answers all these in different formats, then you can save a lot of money. 

Today's customers are smart and tech-savvy. Their quest for the solution does not only limit to business-owned platforms but also extends to external forums. 

Forums like Quora are playing a significant role in educating the customers through impartial and quality content. Hence, it becomes advisable for a business to track, monitor and use these platforms to answer customer queries. 

Content is an integral part of today's business. It not only helps from the branding perspective but from the economic perspective also. The need is to recognize its true value and apply it in a day-to-day business execution. 

If you wish to drive a stable content strategy, please reach out to us. 


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