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With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), big data and machine learning, the importance of customer experience has gone to the next level. The companies are, now, spending extra time understanding their customer behaviour, customer intent and customer choices to increase their business opportunities. The growth of digital platforms has also signified the need, precision and timeliness of the content. With content automation, chatbots and algorithms, the content creators have taken the new heights.

This development has also contributed to the growth of content marketing. This digital development has given the specific structure to the customer data, and this structured data is feeding the content growth. 

And content marketing plays a significant role in translating this content growth into the stable customer experience. It has become essential for the marketers to feed customers with the relevant content at every stage of the buying cycle. This content creation adds value to the overall customer experience. 

The AI can contribute to the content marketing in the following ways.

1. Content Strategy

2. Content Creation

3. Content Planning

4. Content Tonality

5. Content Measurement

AI helps marketers understand the audience through collected data and create dedicated content for the audience. Each content (be it website, social media or email) piece provides a solution to the customers' queries. Besides, AI also enables real-time conversion with the customers through chatbots. This personalized and real-time approach likely to generate quick conversions. 

The content marketing efforts complement AI to make customer conversations easier and quicker. Without content marketing, the data generated through AI or machine learning will not of any use to the marketers. The data helps marketers to understand what content to target at customers, and which channel to use at which time. 












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What's the right strategy for the Facebook ads?


How can real estate marketers reach out to their target audience with Facebook ads?

According to the industry study, the average person spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook. The time spent not only highlights the platform popularity but signifies the platform interest also. 

Facebook is very much visual-centric and offers precise targeting options for the real estate players. From the first-time buyers to the seasoned buyers, the marketers have an extensive range of audience. 

However, the real challenge is to make effective use of the platform to drive a successful ad campaign.

Here are some of the tips to run an effective Facebook ad campaign. 

1) Precise Targeting options: Facebook offers multiple useful targeting options to help real estate players to reach out to their audience as per their selling options.

a. Targeting through area and age options - Real estate marketers can use ZIP targeting to attract the audience based on the region where they are selling properties. 

The age targeting can enable real estate players to target the right set of audience with the age. 

b. Income-based Targeting: One of the significant targeting options which can drive better results for Facebook campaigns. If marketers are targeting right income groups, they will have better success results. 

c. Home-ownership Status: Through this targeting, marketers can target three type of options - first-time homebuyer, homeowners, and renters. This option is an ideal way for the marketers to target their audience based on their selling options. 

2) Video Marketing: Videos are the great way to bring life to your properties. Through videos, real estate players can give the more realistic look of the property. This real look is very much significant from the customer perspective. 

3) Carousel Ads: If you have multiple properties, you have a better option with carousel ads. Through carousel ads, advertisers can display a series of images in a catalogue type format so viewers can scroll through and view multiple images or listings.

4) Content Transparency: Real estate is one of those industries that demand complete transparency. It is very much advisable for the marketers to display content transparency in their ad campaigns. Be it a video, an ad copy or an image, content transparency drives better ad results.

With Facebook, real estate players have a better marketing ground to attain business objectives and customer loyalties. 


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