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No doubt, there is a too much of buzz going around content marketing today. Everyone is talking about what to do and what not to do. Everyone has their own views, objectives and references for content marketing. All said and done, do we really have the best approach to content marketing?

Websites, social media platforms, newsletters, podcasts, webcasts, etc. there is too much content. But how can we really leverage these platforms and sync them all to get the best approach?

Although no approach can be suitable for every situation, however, there has to be a common starting point for everyone, be it a small marketer or a big marketer. Actually, when it comes to quality, the difference between small and big does not matter, what matters is the content.

Usually, consistency is the most common problem that content marketing efforts have to deal with. Generating unique content for too many platforms becomes difficult and thus, marketers tend to get lazy with their content marketing efforts.

Now, talking about the best approach, as I said earlier one size does not fit all. Hence, marketers need to find that missing link which can bridge the gap between them and the target audience. The idea is to engage the audience with the targeted content.

To start with, it is always good to think from the users’ perspective. By stepping into their shoe, marketers will definitely have some pain points highlighted. Here, content marketing can be an effective medium to answer the queries of the users, then giving them insights. The ideal marketing always delivers what users want, and not what a brand wants.  


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As a business, did you ever think that content can save you real money? We have been talking about the content advantage for SEO, blogging or social media. However, if used correctly, content can help save a lot of money spent on the customer service. Be it your website, social media or mobile apps content can play a significant role in answering customer queries. 

In an ideal situation, customers contact customer service when they face any issue or unable to find a solution to their problem. A customer can approach your business through social media, chat, email or website form. And a customer has to repeat this process in a bid to find a solution to his/her problem. 

As we are living in the digital world, a business now has access to a lot of customer data through the website, social analytics or chat management. Now, the need is to identify and segment the problems faced by the customers. 

How can Content Help?

Businesses usually underestimate the significance of content creation and fail to relate content directly to the monetary advantage.  Your customer data becomes a powerful inventory for your business. This inventory helps to design and execute your content strategy. The process begins with the identification of common questions asked by your customers. 

As a business owner, it's time to highlight these questions through your content. By providing solutions to your customers' problems through your content, help you save time and money by cutting down the customer queries that require human intervention. 

Traditionally, we all are aware of the significance of five Ws and one H. Now the need is to make them a part of your content strategy. 

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why, and 
  • How

If your content answers all these in different formats, then you can save a lot of money. 

Today's customers are smart and tech-savvy. Their quest for the solution does not only limit to business-owned platforms but also extends to external forums. 

Forums like Quora are playing a significant role in educating the customers through impartial and quality content. Hence, it becomes advisable for a business to track, monitor and use these platforms to answer customer queries. 

Content is an integral part of today's business. It not only helps from the branding perspective but from the economic perspective also. The need is to recognize its true value and apply it in a day-to-day business execution. 

If you wish to drive a stable content strategy, please reach out to us. 


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We're living in the age of big data, analytics and advanced BI ecosystem. Today, businesses are more concerned with measuring their marketing efforts to attain an improved return on investment (ROI). However, today, business intelligence (BI) has not just limited to numbers or data, it has gone to the advanced level of customer mapping. With the help of concepts like AI, marketers are in better control of the efforts that they were ever before.  Through multiple digital platforms, marketers are analysing the customer behaviour in every possible way. 

The Human Touch:

Although marketers are now adopting the concepts like chatbots to fasten their support channels, the need for human intervention will always be there. We need human assistance to understand, read and analyse what customers exactly need. How your audience is interacting with our social content (likes, shares or comments) need to be examined by humans.  The data collected through social analytics tools need to be segregated, categorised and analysed to create different buyer persons and this can only be done through human intervention. 

The Strategy:

The most important part of the social analytics (rather any data) is to put them into segmented buckets. The same size does not fit all. The marketers need to have a personalized approach to convert their audience into customers. 

The deep understanding of the company's products is another important part of the social strategy. The success of social intelligence significantly depends on the social listening capacity. If the marketers have the stable social listening strategy, their social analytics will help them build a convincing buyer persona. 

The Social Content:

Once the strong buyer persona is formed, the following task is to generate personalized social content. The collected data will not drive any result unless and until it is backed by a strong content strategy. 

The essence of business intelligence in social media is drive through social analytics, which helps marketers understand, design and nurture different buyer persona. These buyer personas are later backed by personalized content to help marketers acquire customers. 



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Content repurposing is an ideal way to use content in different formats.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing primarily talks about using a single piece of content into different useful forms. It is an opportunity to amplify your content for different channels, such as social media, blogging, infographics & videos. Content repurposing is one of the easiest ways to trigger content marketing efforts. It constitutes a larger pie in the overall content marketing recipe.

What’s the need?

Content repurposing is a better option for marketers who have content scarcity. The repurposing will help marketers publish their existing content into different formats on different platforms on a constant basis. Now, let’s look at the need of content repurposing at a broader level.

1. Majority of the content goes unused
2. Too many goals to achieve
3. Lack of content strategy leads to content abandonment
4. Too many content landfills
5. Too many channels to handle
6. The same size does not fit all

What're the benefits?

The benefits of content repurposing are immense and can help marketers acquire new clients and markets. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Reach new target audience
2. Content diversification
3. Maximize time and effort
4. Boost online visibility
5. Target multiple goals
6. Maximizes reach

The strategy:

Content plan: When as a marketer, you have a documented content plan, it becomes easier to identify different channels and content types.

Multiple channels: It is important to spread your content across different channels to make it available to the larger audience.

Create new content: It is very important to generate new content with the help of your old content. This helps increase the value of your old content.

Content audit: Every strategy is incomplete without an audit. It is important to audit your content on a regular basis to measure its effectiveness.

Content customization: Customize content based on the need of the channels and target audience.

Cross-promotion: Distribute and promote content into different formats and options. For example, promote a video link through blog posts.

How to do it?

There are different ways in which marketers can repurpose their content. It largely depends on the platform, objective and the need. Here are some ways through which content can be repurposed.

1. Make use of surveys to be re-created into images for social media
2. Make use of quotes from the blogs to convert into Facebook image post
3. Turn an old blog post into LinkedIn Article
4. User-generated content can be compiled into single Twitter Moment
5. A large article can be published in the form of tweets

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